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The plants are growing..

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Latest updates:

  • Our farming concept will make Eduglobe a self-sustained project.

  • Enactus Goes Uganda. Woohoo! We are now cooperating with four Enactus Germany projects also implemented in Uganda.

We are on our way to make Eduglobe a self-sustained independent project through agriculture. This are the first Eduglobe crops planted in Uganda. We currently have 1 acre of land to be farmed by our teachers and daily workers and to facilitate the financial independence of Eduglobe in long-term perspective.

Over the course of the last months, we have developed a cooperation with four other Enactus Germany projects based in Uganda. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so we are building a network for sharing good practices, establishing new partnerships and increasing the overall positive impact of our projects.

Coming next:

  • We are recruiting nine new project members. Core skills in demand are project management & leadership skills, legal skills, understanding of agriculture, marketing & content creation. Read more.

  • We are opening an Eduglobe store in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Our goal is to showcase and sell the Eduglobe products and to increase the popularity of our project. Read more.

Interested in a one-time volunteering opportunity at Eduglobe?

  • We are looking for a legal enthusiast able to consult us on how to build up our law form in Uganda and a supporting entity in Germany. You don’t need to be a graduated lawyer – motivation matters most.

  • We are looking for an agriculture enthusiast eager to join us as an adviser and help us improve our farming concept in Uganda.

We thank you in advance for sharing these postings with your friends and colleagues!

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