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See The Impact

2000 students becoming Entrepreneurs in Uganda


I make liquid soap. My regards and thanks go to Eduglobe. The first products I made were books, I now like to show you one of the products we made: liquid soap. We can see different colors: colorless(transparent) and green. According to the current situation, I was able to acquire the necessary packaging in order to help people to wash hands. I call it “Handy wash”. Before I used empty bottles of mineral water – people were buying them too, but in a smaller quantity.The money I earn through selling the liquid soap helps me to at least acquire my scholastic needs and my tuition. I wish, that I would have help or financial support to expand and boost my project.

Sseguya John Baptist

I appreciate Eduglobe for the support and skills it provided. In those kills, I learned how to make liquid soap. This liquid soap I am using for cleaning utensils, washing clothing and else. I sell it in order to get my fees, my requirements and all my basic needs. In conclusion, I thank EduGlobe, sponsors and teachers for what they have done.


I thank Eduglobe for the skills I learned from them. I can make bagiyas, which I have sold and got some money to pay for my tuition, to purchase my basic needs, to look after my family. The business was a big success, though I need capital to enlarge the business.

Sharon Nanziri
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